I can bet him!!!

08 Feb

I told myself I can bet Baxter at a HSM game. So Baxter beware.

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One response to “I can bet him!!!

  1. Sister Edith Harris

    February 8, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    Hey Bella,
    This is Sister Harris from DeRidder. Love that you have a blog page now! I have been keeping up with you guys from time to time by reading your mom’s blog. I just wanted to let ya know how much we miss you guys. I will always remember you and try to keep up with how ya’ll are doing. More specifically, I will always remember the first time I came to Church in Rosepine. It was Father’s Day and your talk was the first one I ever heard. Cool huh? It was what you said about us having a Father in Heaven that made me want to come back the next Sunday. You see, I had never really thought of God as MY Father before that day. So Thank You for being brave enough to stand up in front of the whole ward and give such a great talk. I have gone to Church every Sunday(except for 1) since that day. I will read your blog as often as I can and good luck with that HSM Game ( I am not very good at it! Ha Ha!). Love to you and your family, Sister Harris.


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